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On Android?


Mobile version is not on the plans



Would be neat if eventually, later on in the game, or something,(possibly even one of the endings or something), if Arma became a succubus themselves. would be neat, a fallen knight, would be interesting to explore for them. just an idea tho.


I can see that working as a Costume DLC, but that would be a long way from now lol

you made a update for the game demo BUT the update dont show on the ichio app please fix it 

Hello! Thanks for the heads up, should be fixed now


my memory might be fuzzy but arent you a Brazilian?


Indeed we are

yo, bought the game and have the receipt but no game. whats up with that??

When you click download you can click the "No, just take me to the download" option

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How do i catch the rat

You gotta be fast, use the dash button to gain speed and try to get some hits when he's trying to jump off a wall

OH, I HAVE TO CHASE HIM?? damn, i thought i had to find him in some sorta hideout or something.. So he just despawns after? I tried replaying the lvl and he didnt show up

I tried going as fast as i could and i didnt even see him on my screen, does everything have to be frame perfect? when does he despawn? what route does he take?

oh I'm sorry. Yeah, AFTER the cutscene you find him somewhere else. THEN you have to follow him.
Sorry for the confusion!
If you go to the merchant next to a checkpoint you can buy things to help you navigate the stage more easily

there are 2 charactes on the gallery marked as special tab where are they?
i looked from top to bottom but i coundt find them anywhere

Sorry, but they're not in this version


the game is great 
but i need to say the teleport points placement is brutal im still trying to get the crystal 9 just because i missclicked the jump at the place of the crystal 8and if i miss i am forced to go to the 3rd warp point to try again
now that is just brutal man

Hey, thanks for the feedback. We're always working to improve the game so we appreciate it

i cant play it, i get to when the game loads but than just stops and crashes

Some ppl with AMD cards had a similar problem. If it's the case you might want to check this

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Is it only the first stage so far? I hope I can keep the save, I tried way to hard to get everything.


Yes, only one stage so far (we're almost done with Stage 2) and you do keep your save

If this game were to be finished in the future, would you consider selling this on Steam?


We're working with that goal in mind!

Download tutorial?


Nevermind, pressing Spacebar did the trick


When in a Level, i am unable to exit the lewd animation. Is it a bug or am I missing something?


it keeps crashin


If you have an AMD card you can try updating the drivers to fix the problem

What's going on with the discord RN? Everything's gone.

Are you a patreon or subscribestar supporter?

Was a supporter, it's supporter locked?


Yes it is

Once the new builds become slightly older or like say a build replaces the current payed build, would the older one become free?

No, our plan is to keep updating the build to fix bugs and improve things, but new content will keep being exclusive for supporters

Oh ok


I saw that the newest build is available for supporters, but I'm just wondering when the build will be available for the rest of the public?

New content will be exclusive to supporters.

Cool, thanks for responding.

No problem!

Is there any discord channel to ask for solution for a bug?

You can share it here.
Let us know your PC specs and the error

when i try to play the game freezes on loading screen then suddenly closes without error or crash log but when i play the tutorial no problem
Rx560 4GB
Ryzen 5 5600x
16GB ram 3600Hrz
Asus B450M-AII

Some supporters made a few tests regarding AMD drivers.

You might want to try downgrading it to version 22.6.1 (or 22.11.1 and 22.11.2) until we find a fix for it, but you have to do it at your own risk, we're not responsible for any problems you may find when trying such things. If you do try it, please comment on this post the result.


Fixed!, donwgrade the drivers and upgrade them again and started to work fine, thanks

Little correction, freezes and game closes only when i try forest of exalta


This game succeeds where many other hentai games fail. 1: the scenes are REWARDS as opposed to punishments, and you get rewarded for seeing those scenes, meaning that you are encouraged to actually play the game. The need for some skill could be seen as a negative, except... 2: this game is actually really fun, even in the literal non-innuendo sense (which is surprisingly rare in terms of porn games). I changed the keybinds so maybe other people won't agree with me but the movement in this game is so fluid and even though it took a second to get parrying and dodging down, combat felt really natural eventually. 3: Finally, on top of all of these other things, this game is hot. what more do you want from me. Personally i'm not into many of the enemies except for the lizard but the player character is hot enough to make up for it.

You guys have something really special imo and i can't wait to see this game grow!

Thank you so much! It makes us really happy to see people enjoying the game!


wow this game is terrible.


wow this comment is terrible

don't play then


can't exit the map merchant menu, i bought everything i could afford but idk how to quit the menu. i've tried pressing every single button on my keyboard and my last resort was to just alt-f

Neither Esc nor Backspace worked?

Show post...

not for me

Same here, otherwise, great game

I lost count of how times i played this 0.10.4 build so now im playing it with bugs but going tell you about them because these bugs are funny and fun to use (you can find out the hard way or wait till next year when i say what they are)

oh boy 👀

have you been able to fix the error regarding the games inability to start?

ive been trying to start the game but i can never load into the level

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I'm having issues. when I jump on the bugs they don't make me bounce, I just fall through them. any ideas on how to fix this? edit: nvm 

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Is this game compatible with x32 operative sistem? (I know the fact that I still have x32 it's like a joke, I myself laught about it)

the game dont open 
it says error on the path somewhere between the launcher and the game build please fix it


Am having a little big problem, when i try to play the game freezes on loading screen then suddenly closes without error or crash log but... when i play the tutorial no problem, someone with the same problem or a solution

Hello! Can you post your PC specs please?

Rx560 4GB
Ryzen 5 5600x
16GB ram 3600Hrz
Asus B450M-AII

Same problem. RX 470 and intel hd graphics 630. 8gb ram. i7.


They really expect people to downgrade their drivers because they can't optimize their game for them, big yikes


this game has been out since 2020 and still barely any progress....


Hey, I encountered a bug, after plunging down from wall I got stuck like this.

Thanks for reporting it, we'll be checking it


i softlock myself in tutorial because i press spacebar too fast at the last one

Thanks for letting us know, we'll work on a fix

Deleted 225 days ago

is this game gonna be in some future on steam


Yes! When it's finished it will be available there


awesome game cant wait for more levels


Can you consider an Android version?


I'm sorry, it's really unlikely we'll do it


I'm having trouble with the game crashing as soon as it gets to the opening cutscene of the first level. It keeps telling me that the Godot Engine isn't working. Any way to help fix this?


Hello, yes we have been having a problem with that lately. We're still trying to find a solution

plz continue making this game its so much fun I love the hidden eggs 

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Just downloaded the 0.10.4 demo, and the tutorial works fine, but trying to start level one makes the game sit for a second, and then crash, this an issue anyone else is having?


I downloaded the game and whenever i tried to select a level, the game crashes, any fix to this? i downloaded the most recent version

hey i've checked again and whenever i try to enter a level the game just crashes, but when i try to open the tutorial it takes some time and then it opens just normal.

Here is a crash log that is created whenever the game crashes, and if someone can check and tell me what is happening because i really want to see the game after a friend showed it to me

Crash Log

Yeah, I'm getting it too. It seems like it's a font error? Everything I've looked up from the crash log sounds like it's something within the game itself, so I think it's reliant on the Devs themselves. Hopefully they'll fix it soon. 


this sucks fix your first damn boss it's fucken impoossible


learn to parry moron lmao you're just trash



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