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Can you consider an Android version?

I'm sorry, it's really unlikely we'll do it

I'm having trouble with the game crashing as soon as it gets to the opening cutscene of the first level. It keeps telling me that the Godot Engine isn't working. Any way to help fix this?

Hello, yes we have been having a problem with that lately. We're still trying to find a solution

plz continue making this game its so much fun I love the hidden eggs 

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Just downloaded the 0.10.4 demo, and the tutorial works fine, but trying to start level one makes the game sit for a second, and then crash, this an issue anyone else is having?


I downloaded the game and whenever i tried to select a level, the game crashes, any fix to this? i downloaded the most recent version

hey i've checked again and whenever i try to enter a level the game just crashes, but when i try to open the tutorial it takes some time and then it opens just normal.

Here is a crash log that is created whenever the game crashes, and if someone can check and tell me what is happening because i really want to see the game after a friend showed it to me

Crash Log

Yeah, I'm getting it too. It seems like it's a font error? Everything I've looked up from the crash log sounds like it's something within the game itself, so I think it's reliant on the Devs themselves. Hopefully they'll fix it soon. 


this sucks fix your first damn boss it's fucken impoossible


learn to parry moron lmao you're just trash



How do you get to the little bandit guy you see at the beginning of the level? I'm trying to fill out the gallery

Next to the fourth checkpoint you'll find the merchant, you can buy the info there. It'll show you in the map where are the remaining Stones and Secret passages

I've bought everything from him, I don't need the stones I need that guy you see running away at various parts of the level


Watch this


Backspace or Esc on the Keyboard. B on the Xbox controller.

You can also press down until you reach the back option

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i tried paying for the game 3 different times now and i always get an error message. Is something wrong with your paypal or something? I've bought other stuff inbetween those 3 attempts and didnt have any issues so my only guess would be that it's something on your end


Everything's fine on our end. It may be itch itself. But either way, you can download the game even if you don't pay. You can play it and try making a donation later.


I keep crashing when trying to get into the game, even after the new update. 16GB of RAM. Any ideas?


Man Im haveing the excat same problem.

We posted a new version a couple of days ago, have you tried that one?


Yeah, still the exact same issue: loads up into main menu, select a level, the little loading icon spins for a second or two, then the whole came CTDs. 

Why is Kincaid in this game?

(Like business, friendship or just a fan.)


Friendship, we asked to use her as a special cameo. They liked the idea and allowed us to.


super hot  game good job!

Thanks! Glad you liked it


Awesome .The combat experience is good and the action design is very good. Looking forward to more about the backstory.

I wonder where I can learn more about Ratto or other characters' backstory

They'll have descriptions in the final game

Am  I dumb or are the things in the changelog aren't actually in the game? I have the latest Patreon build and by reading the changelog I can tell there's been a lot added but my game still looks like it did a good few months ago.

Hello! What things are you talking about exactly? Everything on the changelog should be there

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My game only has the first level and the first few enemies (slime, archer lizard dude, big horse dude) and the merchant guy. I tried removing any save data and re-downloading the game but still the same.

If you get the build from patreon, on the select screen, press UP, and select the arrows to change stages

Okay, I got it to work. I've tried selecting the arrows on the level select before to no avail, and me getting kinda angry and trying everything I even messed with the controls and that seemed to do it. I don't know if it's just me but if I have the default controls on I can only press enter on the level selection screen, no up, down, left or right.

Thanks for the quick replies anyway!

We'll make sure to improve the selection screen to avoid more confusion. Glad you got it

I keep crashing when trying to get into the first level. I've got 16GB of RAM, and I made sure to check I've got all the right fonts since the log mentioned them and yet, still no dice. Any ideas?

Lots of people have been having this problem, we're looking into it and we'll provide a new version soon

Awesome, thanks for the quick response

OS: win10 x64

ram: 4gb

video: intel HD graphics

core: intel celeron N2806

runs 14 fps with jitter frames (skipping frames)

Just a heads up, your discord server got hacked.

Yeah, we solved it now. Thanks for the heads up

I'm writing to you here because I have no other way to talk to you.

Is it normal that your server is moved?

I find it very, very strange that on the server it redirects, the verification method seems to me to be a complete scam as it almost looks like authentication via Discord's qr code scanner in order to potentially steal our Discord accounts.

Having had my Discord account hacked in the past, I won't make the same mistake again.

Nope, they got hacked. I fell for it. Hope they can fix it

I knew it wasn't normal.

I've been having an issue loading the first level of the public demo. Every time it will load and then suddenly crash.

Here's the error log in a google doc

System specs: 

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 six-core processor 3.40 GHz GPU: AMD Radeon RX 580 series RAM: 16 GB 2133 MHz DDR4.

I've looked up this problem with Godot and it seems it might be my graphics card drivers. But I've never had this problem with other games using the same engine. I've also freshly re-installed the game, deleted all files from the Godot user data, updated my drivers, and run as an administrator. Still, I keep crashing specifically when loading level 1.

I hope this issue is fixed in the Patreon build because I'd love to be able to play, the gameplay available in the tutorial alone feels pretty enjoyable. 


Hello! Thank you for reaching out. We'll be checking this issue. But a fix may take a few days.

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I am having the same issue on both the demo and the 9.3 release.

Hi, thanks for the reply. We're working on it, but the update will still take a few days to be completed

ummm... so when i try to do a NSFW scene in a level I cant get out of it without exiting, Help?

Without exiting the game? The lewd scenes don't have a timeout, you have to press the jump button to finish it

thank you, thought i had tried that but guess not :

Will the new animations for the Kinkaid crossover thingy not be put in the gallery? I don't see any of the animations in there. They are not in the Level 1 or Special galleries? 

Hello! Kincaid is not in the public demo

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Then this must be a mistake, because atleast some of the Kinkaid stuff is in the public demo. It's the first thing I noticed when I entered the first level again for the new item. (I say atleast because I don't know how much content there is in total versus what managed to squeak by getting into the public demo)


after the update i cant get into the gallary lock content no more even though i unlocked it 

Thanks for reporting it! We'll take a look at this.

ITs when you click the NSFW once and it never turned off and i click it back so it would be normal again it keeps it on


Good platforming game. I can see this one in with variety of categories, and you even giving option to disable the NSFW stuff so the game compliant with Twitch and Youtube, that's rare in adult games, which I see Dohna Dohna did.

Thank you for the comment! We indeed added a SFW version thinking about speedrunning. Hopefully there'll be some runners out there!

how do you teleport?

After finding at least 2 Checkpoints just press up when stepping on the statues base

This game seems so cool ! I'm doing let's play video of adult/hentai game and I would like to check with you if it's ok to publish videos on your game ? (knowing that I'm making a bit of ads revenue from this just like any youtuber but on porn plateform ^^')

Hello! Yes, that's ok! We'd love to know your opinion on it


this game is amazing, i loved every part of it, keep up the good work and i hope to see a level 2 very soon! also i was playing on hard mode without even realising it lol

Thank you so much for the comment! Very glad you liked it. Maybe it isn't that hard then? haha

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This game is really cool. It's kinda like Sonic with a sword, and that's kinda cool (I don't mean to offend you by that). The controls all feels really fluid, and it was fun just to be playing it, even with the lewd scenes (I played with them on, but immediately pressed space, but everything that happens with it turned on didn't feel like it slowed down the pace too much.) The art is also really nice.
My only gripe is those DAMN SCARABS. More specifically, the moving ones. Above checkpoint 4, I almost missed a secret because I didn't even know the scarab was there to jump off of originally as it has a very long flight path, and the punishment for failing is climbing all the way back up there. Once you do get back there, you have to wait awhile for the scarab to come back. And right after that, after getting past that challenge, there is a really long climb up where you need to bounce on the scarab multiple times, and if you fail and fall down, you have to wait 15 seconds for it to move all the way back to the spot it was for a retry. This especially hurts when you are all the way at the bottom, or just missed the collectible at the top, you have to wait the entire time.

What I would recommend doing is placing two scarabs there with the same path, but each start on opposite ends. That way, it's not making the challenge any harder, but it's cutting down the waiting time between attempts, as you already used up their time for failing the challenge. This just makes it frustrating. That's all I have to say.
Edit: Oh, one other thing that's just personal. Please increase the height attacking in the air raises you by slightly. It would be really cool as a repositioning tool in the air.


Hi, thank you so much for your feedback! I must confess that Scarabs are the nightmare of every player. But that is a nice suggestion! We'll try it out and see how it plays! About the attack height, we'll leave it at that, but be more forgiving with the platforming.

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Greetings! Seems like a good game, my only question is is there a way to disable sex animations and such? My issue is that as a gay person I don't really want to see female themed sex. 

Ah, I see. You just simply doesn't trigger it. Nice. I really like the game so far! Keep up the good work!

Hello, thanks for the comment. You can enter a SFW mode in the options menu prior to starting the level. Enemies will despawn and leave a drop with the same effect as the lewd scenes


I hope this game go to Steam! I love!

Ooooh we'd love that too!


help me with these 2 stones please ive been trying to get them for like days.


On the left the grey platforms, jump off them and then keep holding right while falling.

There will be a bug you can jump on.


Thanks siccc for helping out. If you're still having trouble you can check this link to see our video guide:

How to catch every stone

Can help ? i think my game is weird i cant see floor

That seems like a RAM problem. How much ram does your pc have?

My pc have 16GB Ram

Ok, we'll need to check the log to see what's the problem.
On the search bar type %appdata%, then go to the Godot -> app_userdata -> Arma's Quest -> Log.
There you'll find a few .txt files, they're named with the date and hour. You can copy and post the content here as a reply to this comment

I put o log in google drive have much text for send here

I can send like here for you see


Hello! The game has been updated, have you tried it out?

Hello friend, could you make a Port for the Android version?? Please help me 🙏☹️

Hello! I'm sorry but we don't have plans for an android version :(

Where I can report a bug?

Hello, you can report it here!

Just I on first level got a little bug where player was duplicated, first controls by me, second have sex with slime. 

Thanks for reporting it! We'll look into it!

Btw, did this happened more than one time?


I tried to reproduce this bug but it happened only one time


this happened to me too, a double appears and then disappears after a few seconds. I managed to recreate it a few times by tapping the end button(space) at the same time as one of the start buttons(up/down arrows). it was inconsistent and only happened 5 times out of 13 though so idk if that is the cause or if there are other factors

Thanks for reporting it! We'll take a look and see if we can recreate it consistently and fix it!

Question: Do the sex events happen only when you defeat stuff or get buffed by your assistant, or will enemies molest you in combat or on defeating you, as well

Hi, thanks for the comment!

Sex events only happen when you interact with defeated enemies.

I have been unable to play the game as every time I have opened the game after the first time it just turns into a small tab of a window before crashing. I have tried to delete the downloaded file and redownload it only to meet the same problem. is there a way to fix this?

Hello! Sorry you're having trouble with it.
There are 2 things we would like you to try:
- Execute it as Administrator
if that doesn't work could you access the log, please? On the search bar type %appdata%, then go to the Godot -> app_userdata -> Arma's Quest -> Log.
There you'll find a few .txt files, they're named with the date and hour. You can copy and post the content here as a reply to this comment

Godot Engine v3.3.2.stable.custom_build -

OpenGL ES 2.0 Renderer: Intel(R) HD Graphics 405

OpenGL ES Batching: ON

**ERROR**: Error loading custom font 'res://assets/fonts/MinionPro-MediumIt.otf'

   At: scene\register_scene_types.cpp:756:register_scene_types() - Error loading custom font 'res://assets/fonts/MinionPro-MediumIt.otf'

**ERROR**: Method failed. Returning: Vector<uint8_t>()

   At: core\os\file_access.cpp:606:FileAccess::get_file_as_array() - Method failed. Returning: Vector<uint8_t>()

**WARNING**: BaseButton's Enabled Focus Mode property has been deprecated due to redundancy and will be removed in Godot 4.0. Please use Control.set_focus_mode instead.

   At: scene\gui\base_button.cpp:329:BaseButton::set_enabled_focus_mode() - This method has been deprecated and will be removed in the future.

**ERROR**: Method failed.

   At: core\bind\core_bind.cpp:2782:_Thread::_start_func() - Method failed.

**ERROR**: Condition "magic != 0x43454447" is true. Returned: ERR_FILE_UNRECOGNIZED

   At: core\io\file_access_encrypted.cpp:63:FileAccessEncrypted::open_and_parse() - Condition "magic != 0x43454447" is true. Returned: ERR_FILE_UNRECOGNIZED

**ERROR**: Condition "!f" is true. Returned: String()

   At: core\bind\core_bind.cpp:2126:_File::get_as_text() - Condition "!f" is true. Returned: String()

**ERROR**: Error parsing JSON at line 0: 

   At: modules\gdscript\gdscript_functions.cpp:1268:GDScriptFunctions::call() - Error parsing JSON at line 0: 

**ERROR**: Error calling method from signal 'focus_entered': 'Node2D(': Method not found..

   At: core\object.cpp:1257:Object::emit_signal() - Error calling method from signal 'focus_entered': 'Node2D(': Method not found..

**ERROR**: Error calling method from signal 'focus_entered': 'Node2D(': Method not found..

   At: core\object.cpp:1257:Object::emit_signal() - Error calling method from signal 'focus_entered': 'Node2D(': Method not found..

**WARNING**: This control can't grab focus. Use set_focus_mode() to allow a control to get focus.

   At: scene\gui\control.cpp:2181:Control::grab_focus() - This control can't grab focus. Use set_focus_mode() to allow a control to get focus.

**WARNING**: This control can't grab focus. Use set_focus_mode() to allow a control to get focus.

   At: scene\gui\control.cpp:2181:Control::grab_focus() - This control can't grab focus. Use set_focus_mode() to allow a control to get focus.

**ERROR**: Condition "_first != 0" is true.

   At: C:\godotfonts\godot-3.3.2-stable\core/self_list.h:112:SelfList<class DynamicFont>::List::~List() - Condition "_first != 0" is true.

**WARNING**: ObjectDB instances leaked at exit (run with --verbose for details).

   At: core\object.cpp:2132:ObjectDB::cleanup() - ObjectDB instances leaked at exit (run with --verbose for details).

**ERROR**: Resources still in use at exit (run with --verbose for details).

   At: core\resource.cpp:450:ResourceCache::clear() - Resources still in use at exit (run with --verbose for details).

**ERROR**: Condition "allocs_used > 0" is true.

   At: core\pool_vector.cpp:66:MemoryPool::cleanup() - Condition "allocs_used > 0" is true.

The problem seems to be the memory. How much ram does your pc have?

(2 edits) (+1)

I ended up deleting the save file folder and it started working. It doesn't seem to be repeating the problem anymore. I guess the problem was corrupted save data.

Oh, good to know! Glad you got it working


This is coming along so nicely! It feels great to play and the content's real sexy. Kudos all around!


Thank you so much for the comment! Glad you liked it!

Good game with familiar mechanics of many platformers.

I saw only 3 enemies and 1 boss so far but how they drawn is surely ok to me.

Animations done pretty good, although they aren't very soft and sometimes I see frames, but all in all I'm excited to see the full game.

P.S. if you're interested in help I can translate the game or maybe give you a few ideas I have in mind. If not, continue to do what you do.

Hello and thanks for your feedback!
We are always open to receive ideas, but at this point there's very little we can implement outside of what's planned. But feel free to let us know what's on your mind.


Doing great so far! Hope everything goes well for you and your team!

Thank you so much

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I wont lie, im kind of...One of those people? Who basically can only like a set amount of kinks? I saw this game, got interested in it ages ago. But couldnt really get too into it with the lack of anal (At that point its just a me thing) BUT Im a bit ashamed to admit i got hella excited when I saw anal art....The game looks cute afterall
(though before I play it, i will assume there isnt much anal animations? Just art?)

Hello, thanks for the comment!

We don't have them in-game yet, but we do have anal animations planned!


been following this game since there was a longer intro, and there's a more "metal plating" version and i have been enjoying it ! just wondering is there a way to transfersave files since theres a new update now

Unfortunately no! The save works in a complete different way now, so it's impossible for us to port 100% of the old save

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