New Public Demo!

Hi, everyone!

So, after so many months we have a new public demo!

We worked really hard on it, we hope you have a blast.

The list of things different from the previous demo is huge:

  1. - New Stage art. Everything was redone from scratch: backgrounds, tiles, stage props;
  2. - Wall Kick is faster;
  3. - You have better control over Arma when using Wall Kick;
  4. - When Rolling the cooldown is longer;
  5.  - Dash was changed from 2 buttons to 1, now you press it to dash back or hold forward and press the button to dash forward;
  6. - Dash and Roll were changed to one button (it will be tweaked in the future);
  7.  - You can pass through enemies by Dashing;
  8. There are 10 Gaia Stones instead of 4;
  9. Gaia Stones emit a sound when they're nearby;
  10. Illustrations are unlocked automatically after you get enough Gaia Stones;
  11. Arma attack animations are faster;
  12. - Green Scarabs can move on set paths;
  13. - Warp using the checkpoints;
  14.  - You no longer take damage when having sex if the Lust Bar is filled
  15.  - There's a dedicated button to activate the Lust Bar and enter Lewdserk mode;
  16.  - In Lewdserk mode Arma gets faster, stronger and can use a Flurry Attack by mashing the attack button;
  17.  - It's harder to Parry by just mashing;
  18.  - Hold the Down button to avoid sticking to the wall;
  19.  - Press Down while walking to change into a ball without stopping;
  20.  - Press Up while Rolling to change into walking more without stopping;
  21.  - Illustrations that you buy using coins are more expensive;
  22.  - Press Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons at the same time to reset the zoom;
  23. - Guard system implemented, now Arma will block attacks in front of her while you hold the defense button;
  24. - Tutorials: In certain situations Gerbera will give Arma hints, gameplay will not be paused;
  25.  - You can now disable Arma's moaning;
  26.  - Stage 1 had a little change in the layout;
  27.  - Crys the merchant is on Stage 1. He'll sell you Gaia Stone Locations, Secret passages locations, Life and Lust potions;
  28.  - Whenever you pick a Gaia Stone up it'll show in the map that you already got it;
  29.  - New Special move icons;

There are probably a few things I have forgotten. This demo will be updated with bugfixes only, new content is exclusive to supporters.


Arma's quest - 183 MB
Oct 29, 2021

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i need the soundtrack! thats so epic!

The game needs a BIG update, i´ll be here when that happens!! :3 please continue it!

Hey, we're happy you liked it!

We're currently working on stage 2.

thanks for make the game free... i apreciate it

Deleted 263 days ago

really good game, but you cant react to a lot of attacks cause of the delay between attacking and dodging/blocking, which also makes the frog boss battle nearly impossible

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also the leg attack has too much range, try reducing the amount of health as well, the purple drops could also be a little slower

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