Kincaid is here!

Some of you may know already, Kincaid from Adventures of Kincaid makes a special cameo on the latest Patreon and Subscribestar build.

After beating the first stage, she'll be standing at the beginning of the stage asking you to help her track a new enemy.

With this there's two extra lewd animations, be sure to check it out.

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i found her before but now i cant after restarting

Did you beat the stage again?

Cookiecraggy mentioned that she would be in this game. Will she show up again in the game?

Mmh Sexy wolf. I haven't played this yet. I want to know what is Arma? race etc.


Arma is an armadillo.


Hello, thanks for the comment! Kincaid is in the game, but unfortunatelly she's not in this demo.

i cannot find the kobold for the life of me help lol


It's on the tunnel where you find Ratto.