NEW Public Demo

Hello, everyone! We're pleased to announce that we're posting a new public demo today!

This demo contains:

  • Tutorial Stage
  • Stage 1
  • Easy mode
  • 5 Lewd Illustrations
  • All of Stage 1 enemies Animations (Gallery)

This demo DOES NOT contain:

  • Kincaid Side Quest
  • Test Stages

This is most likely our last public demo, we'll be fixing some glitches, but new content will only be added to our builds at Patreon and Subscribestar. We'll be selling the final game here of course, but that is at least 1 year away. Until there you can follow news through our devlog page here or our Twitter account.


Arma's quest - Public Demo 221 MB
Feb 28, 2022

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The install isn't working on the itch desktop app. The last one did, but this one doesn't show any files to install

It seems to be working now. Would you kindly check it out?


Yes, it works now. TY

Deleted 265 days ago

So you made an account today just to blast this message 40 times? You didn't provide any proof, looks to me like your just trying to mess with people.