Stage 2 - Rain Test

Stage 2 - Rain Test

Hey, everyone! Today we'd like to show you a little test.

If you've seen the concept art you know there'll be rain helping to set the mood in this creepy abandoned temple. Of course this is just the first test and we intend to improve everything. What do you think?
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looking good, maybe you can make the raindrops drop on the ground (or roof, or platform- you know what I mean), and some water dripping effects to the characters/roofs/platforms?


Thanks for the comment! Yes, we plan to improve the visual in general.


(It's just my thoughts that I think can be seen well):  Along the way there may be small puddles and larger ones at the bottom. with the small ones they could splash when hit and the big ones would only have animation of water falling on them so that it can be seen in the background.  You can also reuse the toad from the previous level in the background puddles.   and how does it look  You can see it well I could play it without complaining :)

Thank you so much for the suggestions!


Now, if only the idle animation had a different one based on being on the rain. You know... sopping wet, but just as stoic and stalwart.

Well, we do have an effect of dropping water when she's wet. Making a new animation wouldn't be worth though

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