Build 0.8.0

Build 0.8.0

Hello, everyone! It's time!

Build 0.8.0 arrived, here's the list of changes:

  - Added a new enemy: Kuji;

 - Added a new test stage for Kuji;

 - Added a Cutscene when entering Stage 1;

 - Added a Cutscene when talking to Crys the Merchant for the first time;

 - Lowered a few SFX;

 - Added a new sprite to the cure orb;

 - A few bug fixes;

Important note: Since there's no Stage 2 yet, there's no way to see Kuji's animations on the gallery.

Kuji is finally here and it feels great to release a new character. Please feel free to tell us if you find any bugs or whatever you feel like saying!

The build is available for Patrons MKII and up and Subscribestar supporters. It'll be available for all supporters on the 25th.


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