Culex Trailer and Build Release

Hi, everyone!

Here's the trailer for our newest build.

And here's the list of chances for the supporters build:

  • Changed Kuji test stage into "Level Test 03";
  • Added a new enemy: Culex;
  • Added a new cutscene on Stage 1;
  • Changed a Scarab into a platform;
  • Improved Anurabi's Cutscene;
  • Added a new Non-Lewd image to Stage 1 end screen;
  • Some Arma animations have been sped up;
  • Improved performance for Stage 1;
  • Changed the teleport so it shows the checkpoints on the map;
  • Coins dropped by enemies now fly towards Arma;
  • Changed Gerbera's talk sequences;
  • Changed how much time Kuji would be guarding;

Already available for supporters

Get Arma's Quest (+18)

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That looks SICK, might have to try it out soon.