New Public Demo

Hi, everyone! A new public demo is available right now!
For those who have never checked the game out or haven't played in a while, now is a great time to do it!

We added and changed several things for a better experience:

Version 0.9.4:


  •  Placed 2 scarabs in certain areas so the player doesn't have to wait a long time to retry a platforming section
  •  Added a brand new item: Gaia's Amulet; You can buy it from Crys the Merchant. After activating all checkpoints you'll be able to teleport from anywhere to any checkpoint.
  •  Added an extra frame to Arma's Downward Strike;
  •  Closing gates will hurt Arma if she's below it;
  •  You can now use "Backspace" to exit the teleportation screen;
  •  Added a zoom feature to all animations in the Gallery;
  •  Fixed a bug with a Non-lewd image in the gallery;
  •  Added Non-Lewd Illustration "Anurabi x Arma" to the gallery;
  •  Changed a Scarab into a platform;
  •  Improved Anurabi's Cutscene;
  •  Added a new Non-Lewd image to Stage 1 end screen;
  •  Some Arma animations have been sped up;
  •  Improved performance for Stage 1;
  •  Changed the teleport so it shows the checkpoints on the map;
  •  Coins dropped by enemies now fly towards Arma;
  •  Changed Gerbera's talk sequences;
  •  Changed Anurabi's Poison Rain to follow Arma;

For those who want to support us, please check our patreon


Arma's Quest - Public Demo 254 MB
Jun 28, 2022

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