Gaia's Amulet Showcase

Heeelllo there!
As mentioned in our latest release, we added a new item that you can acquire from our lovely boy Crys (How does he get his hands on those things anyway?).
Gaia's Amulet is an item that will allow Arma to teleport from any place of the map to any checkpoint as long as you've already gotten all checkpoints!

Get Arma's Quest (+18)

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I have an older version completed. I have to play again from 0?

It depends on how old it is

It is the previous free version. 0.8.2

There is a chance that the gallery won't work properly, other than that you should be good. We're working on the gallery and will update the demo soon


Thank you very much.


I love this game. Looking forward to see what enemy's and animations get brought into it.


Thank you! We're working hard on enemies for stage 2

Do you have a rough estimate on when level two would be released?


I'd like to say it'll be out until the end of the year. But that's me being optimistic, we're a small team and the game has a lot of assets that take a long time to make.