Quick Update

Hey, everyone. Sorry for the silence of the last few days. Work on the game continues daily, as always. Most of the unfinished animations (i.e. the sketches) for the Ant Soldier are done, I'm waiting for some of them to be finalized so I can show it to you guys. Like Kuji, she'll be a little more complex and have tons of cool moves. I continue to work on the art for the stage, here I'm putting a tree as an obstacle (I know you guys LOVE trees ). We are also improving some other things: adding frames to some of Arma's animations so they're more fluid, a new frame for the Scarab when you step on it, adjusting animations speed, adding Crys's Idle animation when selling things, etc.  I'd like to thank all of you for believing in the project and deciding to support us. We hope to keep bringing cool stuff and improving the old ones.

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So, will there be a sex animation for the store keep? Like futa or anything at all.




You added a tree in the way? I'd feel really bad if that one game journalist who played cuphead ever tries this.

It may be too hard, right?
We'll add a no tree mode!