Ant Soldier Update

Hey, everyone! Here's a little update showing our newest enemy. 

Be careful when attacking not to get parried!

Here's the 'Shield Attack' from sketch, to lineart and color

She'll be dropping on August 20th for our supporters.

Get Arma's Quest (+18)

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when will this come to free version? :)

Hello! This content won't come to the free version. The free version will encompass Stage 1 only.


First of all, it looks great, something I never thought I would say about an insect-type monster in a game like this.


"She'll be dropping on June 20th for our supporters."

Is this a mistake, or do you plan to Implement this in 10 month and 3 days?


It was totally a mistake! Thanks for pointing it out! I meant to say August 20th


I love the animation, the color, the frames, always better than mine ._. oh well lmao. 10/10

A cool Idea (just an Idea) is when you get parried by the ant, things get slow or you get stunned for a somewhat time. To give it the "oh crap, I messed up" feeling. Somewhat to a super-armor feeling in smash bros.

Hey, that's a pretty cool idea! We'll definitely try it out


the animation looks really good, nice job👍

Thank you