New Public Build - Version 0.10.2

Hi, everyone! Long time no see!

We're bringing you today a new public version of our game.
This version has several upgrades to improve gameplay


  • Added an effect to the Lust Bar when it's full;
  • Added a warning animation on top the enemies' heads when they notice Arma;
  • Added an effect when Arma hits enemies;
  • Added an extra frame to Arma's Dash;
  • Added an extra animation to Scarabs when stepping on them;
  • Slight changes to the camera have been made;
  • Enemies disappear during lewd scenes;
  • Added more invincibility to Arma when finishing Lewds;
  • Added an idle animation to Crys when he's selling items;
  • Placed 2 scarabs in certain areas so the player doesn't have to wait a long time to retry a platforming section
  • Added a brand new item: Gaia's Amulet; You can buy it from Crys the Merchant. After activating all checkpoints you'll be able to teleport from anywhere to any checkpoint.
  • Added an extra frame to Arma's Downward Strike;
  • Performance improvement;
  • Bug Fixing;

Camera change showcase:

Gaia's Amulet showcase:

If you are interested in supporting the game you'll also get access to extra content, check it on Patreon.


Arma's Quest - Public Build 263 MB
Sep 19, 2022

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Deleted 9 days ago

Hello, thanks for the post! Yes, we're aware that some people are having this problem and we're looking into fixing it.

Deleted 263 days ago
(1 edit)

I encountered a bug. There are times that the horse doesn't spawn in the cave and I am stuck inside the gate and the only way out is to quit to menu.

Edit: There's another where your camera is stuck to zoom in and the only to reset is to have sex. I did not press zoom in, it just did it by itself.


Thanks for the report, we'll check it out!



Deleted 263 days ago