Public Build 0.10.4

Hi, everyone! Today we're updating our public demo to version 0.10.4. The changes are small, the main thing we worked on was on fixing a couple of bugs.

- Added a few signs to Stage 1 indicating places where there are Scarabs;
- Added version name to main menu screen;
- Bug fixing;

Signs were added to show that there are Scarabs in the area

 Added version name to main menu screen


Arma's Quest - Public Build 262 MB
Oct 05, 2022

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i have a problem where i get stuck in the nsfw animations, i can't continue no matter what i try, i see no "lust meter/bar" i do have a bar that control the speed but that helps with nothing

You have to press jump to end the nsfw animations.


oh...thank you very much, i was very confused, and actually had to alt f4 quite a few times .... i even tried pressing every button i could think of, i suggest showing that in the tutorial or something, have a nice day 

Thank you for reaching out. Hope you have fun with the game!

The tutorial has a bug, when I finish the first nsfw scene with the lizard the tutorial resets but I get stuck in the same place. In previous versions I remember there was one more animation but you can't progress. 

Thanks for reporting it, we'll check it out

I have played a little more and a little late I realized that the save files do not work at all, you can save the gems you got but the coins are lost and the time played goes blank, that is, at 0:00:00 and although when you enter you have the gems and the explored map will not appear in the file.

Even if you leave mid game? Or just when you finish the demo? 

When i leave in mid game.

still unplayable

Sorry it still doesn't work. Where is it crashing?

Just after the first little intro of the mission it will keep the title up but just have a black background and the not respond there was also a crash during the tutorial but I can't remember why/what happened 

Ok, we need two things. PC specs and a screenshot of the error

Im haveing the same issue here as well.I dont get an error as I dont even get an intro it just starts loading the first mission and then shuts off it'self.I'll direct message a pc spec list if ya want it.