Development Update

Hey, y'all! How you doing?

Just a quick update on the development of the game. 


- Ant Stalker is 90% done, we're still doing some adjustments to her gameplay because right now she's quite relentless! We'll be sharing a video later;

- We're already working on the boss. Her name is Queen Aria and you can see her Idle animation WIP here.

- We're already working on her lewd animations too, can't wait to show them to y'all because it's top notch 


- The basic design for Stage 2 is basically done. We'll still be testing it to see if it works well enough.

Size wise it's basically the same size as Stage 1, BUT this time I designed it so every path moves you forward in the stage. So either way you decide to take you'll keep progressing.

- There'll be more Checkpoints so you can easily backtrack;


- A week or two ago we posted the new piece of the OST, now we asked the musician to make new music for Forest of Exalta (Stage 1) and Anurabi Fight. We decided that it'd be best to have the same artist make new music for them because then the OST would be more consistent;

Fanart Event

- We'll be having a new fanart event, I'll be posting about it later today or tomorrow morning;

I think that covers everything. As always feel free to reach us and ask anything if you have questions. :)

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