Going back to what's done

Hey, y'all!

Today I'd like to show you guys a small change we decided to do.

Usually we don't like to go back to something that's already finished, buuuuut sometimes there's no other way.

In this case I'm talking about Arma's Guard Break animation. After playing the game over and over, and creating new enemies, we realized that we'd have to go back to Arma and change stuff so the game becomes more balanced. 

Whenever Arma's Guard break, the player should be in a vulnerable state, SHOULD is the key word here. Since her animation was so fast, most times the player would be fine. So we decided to change the speed of the animation to see how it'd play out... aaand it didn't work, obviously. When you have so few frames for an animation, the only way to make it work is to make it FAST. So what happened next was, we went back and made more frames for that animation.

As you can see above, the animation is more smooth now. This is the kind of thing that happens from time to time, maybe we'll have a quick fix, maybe we'll have a lot of work. We never know! Anyway, that's just a small update I thought of sharing with you guys.

Here you can see the animations in slooooow mooooo



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Adding two more frames is indeed smart.


Good idea!