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Hello, any way to solve this :(?

the version is 0.7.5

How much RAM does your PC have? If it's under 4GB the game will not run properl

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I have just 4GB of ram

I also have all versions of DirectX installed

Well, this kind of thing happens when your pc is low on memory

This game does not seem to be downloadable through the itch desktop app. Why?

That's weird! I'll try to figure this one ou

  32 bits pls

We're working on it

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no 32 bits and GLES2?

Working on it!

why is there no specific animation for gerbera fucking arma? thats like the best one :(

There is! Arma has 2 special moves, one is a buff and the other is a lewd with Gerbera. You just need to change specials. :)

ik but i meant in why not put the lewd animation in the gallery? i dont wanna have to pay 40 coins each time :/

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Oh, I'm sorry! It'll be in the gallery on the next update.

EDIT: Next GALLERY update

Holy fuck the parkour is outrageously difficult for absolutely no reason. I've never gotten legitimately pissed off at an adult game but holy fuck.

Hi, thanks for the comment! I'm sorry you had a hard time with it. Do you mind telling what part could use some improvement?

Deleted 1 year ago

The floaty thingies have an odd timing to it. You need to jump before you land on them to actually jump and it throws me off a LOT. Not sure if it goes for everyone but I know it does for me.


I agree, it throws me off with the manual input and it'd be better if it was automatic.

i just spam the jump button and it usually works the parkour is one of the easier aspects imo 

In the newest version we made it easier to jump off them. If you have the time please check it and let us know what you think


i agree with this guy. imo games like this one should be easy. its not exactly the type of game you want to spend a whole lot of time on trying to platform or hunt for items. making things a little easier & obvious would be better. to each their our i guess. nice animations though

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Saw the gallery showcase and thought of a little something for it. Maybe an option to change out the standard grey background with a still of the level environment the animation can be seen on, specifically for the enemies.

Hello! Thanks for the suggestion, we thought about that too, so yeah it'll be there eventually!

is there a walkthrough or something i can follow to get all the gems? i cannot figure out how to get the two that are high in the air

Hello, thanks for the comment! Yes, we posted some videos showing how you can get them:

The game was really fun to play, the final frog boss was a bit tough and tedious tho. Besides that everything else was amazing

Thank you so much for the comment! We'll be working on this demo to make improvements

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This game is good, the idea is incredible, the visual is good,  the sounds are well placed, hitting the enemies gives you a good sensation of "i wanna attack again".

the sex scenes are interesting and theres two for each different killable enemy of the game, the way they are put in works well, I would like to see if its gonna be improved later!

the mechanics are good. You can jump, wall climb, roll, attack, save and teleport between them as statues but I found that the tutorial is missing. Not a tutorial telling me that I should click that and whatever but an immersive tutorial that I learn from combat.
An example is If I did not explore the buttons, I wouldn't know I could skip the sex animation to recover faster or dodge if I walk in the frames before the enemy attack, Ive died a lot before even realizing how the insta counter would work. 

As the game is a demo, take a note that what im writing is directly involved with the current demo state of the game.

You should try the game for yourself! Its worth of you time, just dont take too much of your life trying to finish the last boss, this is a enemy that is just unexpected hard and isnt that worth from now (unless you like suffering to see 2 scenes of sex if you remember what button you cliked in the last fight you won xd)


Hello and thank you so much for your review!

We'll keep working to improve the game and make it a better experience. We'll be updating this demo quite soon, nothing big being added, just a few tweaks.


will you be releasing this on steam?

Hello! Yes, we're planning to do so

Deleted 1 year ago

mmm nah

really good I wish the boss was a little easier though

Hello, thanks for playing our game!
We'll be adjusting the game to make it a more pleasant experience. :))



wait this isn't Arma 3 free download

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The game is really polished and fun... but it could use improvements in pacing. At some point into the first level I genuinely started worrying if this level will ever end. "Is this like, a metroidvania or something?" It took me like twenty minutes to get to the end of the first level, which is ridiculous. Like at some point I bought all the Gaia stone locations... but I just gave up finding them because I genuinely became tired with the game. The problem is that the path to the end is not that long... but there is a preposterous amount of extra side content branching out from the main path. I imagine with exploring every nook and cranny first level could easily take like, half an hour.

It doesn't help that you can fuck EVERY enemy you encounter - the time spent watching sex animations REALLY pads out the time.

Sure you can skip it... but the funny thing is that I was trying to masturbate while playing it so I wanted to watch these animations. And the fact that animations end automatically is the problem - I mean, it's couple seconds, so you might as well watch them, right? But it adds up. In addition, in most porn games, if I'm masturbating while playing I will eventually at some point stop playing duing a sex scene, masturbate to completion, and then keep playing with post-nut clarity. But I can't do that here... because I'm not allowed to keep watching animations. In some games, animations are endless loops that I have to decide to stop myself. In others, the game at least pauses while showing a static CG, so I could masturbate during that. But current design... kinda doesn't leave you time to masturbate freely.

After like over twenty minutes of gameplay I encountered the boss... and I was so exhausted by the play that I just turned off the game. And then, to my absolute surprise when I played it again... it didn't save my progress. I'm sorry, is this a bad joke? You put 15-30 minute long levels in a game (if I went for all Gaia stones, it'd easily be 30) and you DON'T have mid-level saves? Even NES games had a password system, and in these games one level lasted 5 minutes, not 30! I'm sorry but that is just something yall gotta fix eventually.

Don't mistake this review for bashing - everything else in the game is great. The zooming system is a great and ingenious solution to the age-old problem in porn platformers (on one hand, you want small sprites so you can see ahead, and you want big sprites during H animations... so you gave player ability to zoom at will, ingenious) and gameplay itself is very nice - the movement is a core of a solid responsive platformer, and the beatemup combat with combos, parrying and dodges and good enemy AI is also a lot of fun. And of course, I really like the graphics which are really good - both the designs, art style and animation.

Oh, and I like that you fuck enemies you defeat, instead of enemies that hurt/defeat you - it never made sense to me that in most such games, you are rewarded for doing poorly, and a perfect player would never see porn. But this is fixed here.

I think this could be an amazing game in the future with some relatively simple tweaks. I will definitely follow the game's development and if my financial situation improves, maybe I would be able to contribute to the Patreon.


Hello, Zerocrush. Thanks for the review! We really appreciate it.

The lewd skip has been changed in the newest version, we're just fixing some bugs to make sure to update this version as well.

About the save, there is a save system. Whenever you activate a Checkpoint your game is saved, when you enter the stage you can use the statues to teleport to previous checkpoints.



That makes a lot of sense actually. I just completely gave up on the game after re-starting the stage and seeing that I was back at the beginning, I didn't even consider checking the statue.

Anyway I should probably check out the new demo, definitely looks promising. I'm glad my ramblings could be some value to you guys, lol.

(Sorry for the delay, I don't log in to this account often)


Please do! We'd love to know what you think of the improvements. And don't worry about taking a long time, that's fine.

So i got it, 2:56.51 isn't the best improvement but hey, personal best, anyways while this run was far from perfect (certain moves i made were a little more time consuming and there are parries in the final boss that doesn't actually save time, just slows it) but it was overall solid and very clean in 1st boss battle, I might do also 100% gallery speedrun since i think its a run that really tempts me and it's more enjoyable to see and the routing will have to be more complex, which is always good! So, last thing, the rat secret character how is it called? I literally want to smooch him so bad i love wacky poison related characters and this one is just precious (one of the reasons which why im tempted to do the 100% speedrun) but in any rate, i love this project and i really hope to see more, feel free to ask in the video or in this comment about the speedrun if you want to try it or just curiosity!


Nice PB! Very glad you're having a good time with the project.

We decided to change the way speedrun mode will work in the final game, it'll go from start to finish instead of stage by stage. There'll also be a completion screen for each stage so you'll be able to keep track of everything for 100% runs! The rat character is called Ratto! Thank you so much for the support

Again, congratulations on the PB!

Thanks a lot!

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First Sub 3 min speedrun Demo version! What do I say... I LOVE this game's concept, the art and the animations and the battle system is precious, its evident that there are some things to polish (specially that frog boss in the casual run has some patterns and hitboxes a little gross) but overall its a really fun game and i really loved to make the route and speedrun it, if someone has any intentions to speedrun this game you can reply this comment and i'll be glad to help and for Mundane Escapists, i'm really looking foward for this project! 

Thank you so much for playing the game! And congratulations on the time! Very curious to know how you got it.

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I actually want to improve this time a little bit so i'll be recording It and if I get a good time i'll edit this comment with the video for people who want to know my route or just want to see the speedrun or learn

I'd like to see a leveling and upgrade system with coins or something. I didnt use any the entire run-through.

Hello, thanks for playing our game!
There'll be a upgrade system of sorts

The frog boss is way too hard. He hides everytime I activate my power and when I get him down to like a few hits all he does is his immune faze

I 100% agree, I beat him after several attempts, you have to wait until you're about to break his bar at the bottom, then pop the power, break him, then burst him all while playing almost perfectly to avoid damage. There is supposed to be a healing mechanic via the white orbs that fall but I havent been able to figure out how to use it

Hi, guys, thanks for the support.
Yes, we're still adjusting the boss, so there'll be so changes to him in the future

+ I love this game
+ nice graphics
+ sex scenes are sexy
+ combat fluid
- sex scenes only two stages
- few types of enemies.

We need more new enemy!!!  9/10


Hellooo, thanks for playing the game! Making more enemies is the goal, but as of now we only have two people working on them, so it is very time consuming. Please look forward for future updates

This game feels great to play! the graphics are nice, the sex scenes are sexy, and the combat feels smooth and fluid

I have some issues though, firstly, the coin collecting sound kinda makes my ears ring, and if I turn it down I can't hear Arma or my attacks, so a coin mute button would be nice to have, second, I'm personally not a fan of the fact that sex scenes have a set time and only two stages, and the fact the the imp cutie has only one scene for the special

I have a few Ideas too, it would be nice to have some kind of game over sex scene, or better yet, a last resort thing after you lose all your health if an enemy is nearby, a long sex scene that has more than two stages and replenishes a certain amount depending on how long you wait, with a drawback of course, like maybe less defense/attack/lust build-up (the drawback is lessened the longer you wait), but you can only do it once, after that is game over. Next is a super sex scene (basically the full heal special with a different coat of paint), with full lust and a downed enemy, instead of the cute imp fella having sexy times, Arma has sex with a downed enemy, but gets a temporary buff in a random stat, maybe a set stat depending on the enemy? (defense from slime, speed from archer lizard, strength from giant horse, double gold from an enemy added in the future)

Also if you need a character to add, I have a few that may interest you

Great game! 8/10

Hello and thank you so much for playing our game!

We'll be improving sound effects on a later date, we're currently focusing on delivering more enemies and stages.

About the game over screen: We won't have any, we believe it's better to be rewarded when you have the upper hand than the other way around, we hope you understand.

Also, thanks for the ideas, taking in consideration the state of the game, how far we are it's unlikely we'll be able to add many new ideas but we'll make sure to improve what we have so you guys can have a better game.

Again, thank you so much for supporting our game.

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Back again with a new idea, this time regarding that buff wolf we see in the artwork of the gallery. If a story about him has already been made then you can just ignore this idea.

The idea for this wolf character to become Arma's rival during the quest by being jealous of her. He would be motivated to prove to the king and the kingdom that Arma's is nothing more than a sl*t by slaying the dragon before her, to show Arma as a fake to everyone. He could appear several times to sabotage Arma on her journey, like collapsing a tunnel that would've allowed her to skip a stage, separating her from Gerbera, or even stepping in to fight Arma himself. As a rival boss, he would operate as a stage-wide boss fight with three battle areas to encounter him at, and be very difficult each time. Each time you take his health down a certain percentage he would retreat to the next area, allowing for Arma to recover between battles. He would also include two victory animations and two defeat animations when you win or lose to make him a unique encounter as he would be the only enemy who can do that. While fighting, this wolf character could taunt both Arma and the player by saying things like, "You have no skill, only sexual bribes." or "The only reason you're here is because people want to see your tits bounce, pathetic!"

Just a little idea to help with the story building, but like I said if you already have a plan for this character than you can just ignore this.

There's a bug where if you use the special healing ability and there's a downed enemy on top you and press up/down to interact with them, it cancels the special and fucks that downed enemy. The healing from the special is also cancelled and you get the heal from the enemy instead.

Very easy to replicate!

Hello, thank you so much for reporting this bug!
We'll work on it!

How to get the gaia stone 8 and 9 pls 

Hello! There's a merchant next to checkpoint 4 that can sell you the stones location!

You can also watch this video

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You got a lot more added in a short time than I thought you would, nice!


Bug report and idea time.

First, the bug. When fighting the boss I had something strange happen. I was one hit away from death and was in the middle of some aerial attacks when I got hit. Suddenly and very quickly, Arma just zipped into the wall and stood still. My health was gone but I was not dead for some reason. I couldn't move and the boss kept attacking the now immortal Arma. Had to restart the level to fix it.

Now the idea: Love the merchant but felt a little off that he was just standing there in the middle of nowhere with a stage infested by monsters. So I figured an introductory sequence would be decent. Simply put, you would find the merchant being harassed by the monsters and Arma would slay them. The merchant would then express his gratitude for the rescue by offering his wares at a discount (no actual discount needed).


Hello! It's so nice that you enjoyed the demo.

As for this bug, we've never seen it before, we'll try to replicate and fix it.

For the suggestion: yes, Crys feels very off just standing there, the truth is we'll still be tweaking stage 1 and making changes where necessary. We'll try to make him work, we just don't know how yet. But the suggestion is not a bad idea.

Crys could be a traveling merchant. In alignment with the suggestion of him being harassed by monsters, maybe add a broken down wagon in the background with several defeated guards on the ground. This would show that he and his guards were ambushed and overwhelmed, leaving Crys as the last survivor when Arma shows up for the rescue.

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Oh, will there be a threesomes? :>

Hello! Thanks for the comment.
We don't think it'll be possible... unless you count Gerbera participating

I can't find the download link. This game looked interesting and I wanted to try it.

They've stopped the demo release. If you want to try the game out, then you need to get it through patreon.

After playing the 0.3.1 build, I got a few ideas for future content.

First idea would be a custom arena that players can control the spawns for via switches to spawn a certain number of enemies for custom battles.

Second idea would be a new way to integrate the gallery into the main game. Basically you would enter Arma's home and descend into the basement where Gerbera has here private s*x dungeon to have access to all the enemies Arma has defeated.

Third idea would be a Game Over graphic. In it, Arma would simply be in a full body cast with Gerbera toying with her.

That's all I can think of right now. This game has plenty of potential and I think it will do great.

Hello, thanks for the comment!
We'll probably not do a Game Over screen because the game has no game over, but the idea of the galery is pretty good!
Thanks for the suggestion

No Game Over screen yet, but maybe in the future when the game expands, which has given me another idea, a big one with multiple features and mechanics.

A Village/CastleTown hub. Likely wouldn't be made anytime soon but something to consider for the future. This hub will serve as the main base for Arma and Gerbera to aid in their quest. It would include a Shop, an Academy, a Pub, and Arma's home.

The shop will include items to improve gameplay experience such as: (When inventory is implemented)

  • Health potions
  • Non-cosmetic weapons and armor to upgrade attack and defense
  • Gaia Stone map - reveals the location of at least one Gaia stone in the level
  • Purple Gem - allows you to start off a level with a full purple bar
  • Flash Bomb - instantly stun all nearby enemies for a brief moment, useful against future higher tiered enemies like a black armored lizard archer (same as the green one but tougher) that can't be staggered normally.
  • Net - for Gerbera's s*x dungeon/gallery, defeating an enemy would no longer be enough to unlock them in the gallery, you would have to use the net on a downed enemy to capture them then find them in Gerbera's dungeon
  • And more...

The Academy would serve as a place to unlock skills like the current Dash and Parry, new skills like aerial parry, aerial attacks, block, and more.

The Pub would be the place fore more world building and other useful things like tips and tricks, and even hints on where to find some of the more well hidden Gaia stones.

And then lastly would be Arma's home, which includes Gerbera's s*x dungeon in the basement. Some of the other arts can be purchased from the shop to hang up as paintings in Arma's house, as well as additional world building.

I can think of a few more things, like tiered enemies, and hostile flora that target Gerbera to drain magic, like a venus flytrap kind of thing, but I've rambled enough already. Like I said, this game has a lot of potential.

Hello! Thanks for the suggestions!
It's very nice seeing someone so interested in the game, thank you so much!

About the ideas. Some of them are already in motion and being implemented, we frequently update our social medias with information about the progress of the game.

So you can expect to see a merchant pretty soon!

Btw, is there a button that you can hold down to make the animations last longer or something? Gallery is nice but I'd like audio with it.

Hello again! We'll be working on that!

Will this available on Steam? (with or without early access) thanks.

Thanks for the comment!

It will as early access.

Thanks again, would love to see this game finished.


Can't you download it for free now?


You can only download it supporting the game on Patreon or Subscribestar

Game looking great so far, and I have some suggestions/feedback.

When engaging with a downed enemy, I could only do it once as versus the first demo. When I die I can engage the enemies again in the first demo but cant in the second. I have to restart the level if I want to get the purple bar back up.

The sex animations are too short, so short that the action button to force progress the scene is hardly needed. Perhaps a longer animation for the force progression to be more useful, or infinite loop and the action button can let you skip the scene.

Audio options, like enabling or disabling voices. And gallery audio would be nice.

Defeat animations, as mentioned by another person's feedback. I know it could be a bit much to do that, so instead save it for Arma's rival battle (that wolf in the art fighting Arma I'm assuming is her rival), two victory animations and two defeat animations so it could be a unique encounter.

Coins, in the future they could not only be used to purchase armor and weapons for Arma, but maybe dye her colors too for player customization, though this would be in the far future of development.

Hope this is helpful and good luck on future developments.


where is the download button?


It seems as though they've done the ol' Itch-switcheroo. Make the game free for a while to gauge interest, then make it paid-only for everyone but the people who installed previously.


Hey, thanks for the comment!
We currently can't afford to release the demo for free since we are a small team that needs funds. Without it there is no game.

Deleted 126 days ago

Hello! Are you playing the new demo?

What enemies have you found?

Deleted 126 days ago

Ratto is found in a hidden path. find him, and finish him!

(1 edit)

Hi! Yeah, the enemy is hidden.
You can watch walkthrough videos on our vimeo to find him, it's Gaia Stone #2:


Hey there. just played your new demo and here is some feedback. your game is still going to be great, but please bring back the old moaning sounds, and the sounds of the nsfw action. Especially the new moaning sounded a bit "absent".
Best wishes

Hello, thank you so much for your feedback!

We'll be working on the sounds to improve them. Most of them are temporary

Great to hear! Looking forward to all that will come.

I need help. when I attack the enemies it doesn't do anything to them. So I'm stuck, is this a bug?

(1 edit)

Yeah same here, can't attack them at all.
Stuck in first area with the green flying bugs and can't damage them.

Hello, the flying Green Scarabs aren't enemies you can damage. You use them to jump to higher places

(1 edit)

Thank you. The game is awesome btw ^^

Thank you! We are working hard on it to make it even better!

kk ty ty

(2 edits) (+1)

Hmmm... man i really loving the great work you guys are putting on this game ^-^ 

I only have one suggestion... Maybe add an option we can check in settings to allow enemies to do the deed if we get stunned or defeated. It would add a great deal of optional difficulty for us more hardcore platformers, a new mechanic and make te game a bit more real to what those horny creatures would want hehehe~

Could call that "Horny enemies" and describe it as a surprise sex mechanic!!

PS: will there be vore?! The frog really is making me super excited X3

Hellooo, thank you so much for the suggestion!

We can't promise adding it, but we'll definitely talk about it on the next meeting!

As of now there are no plans for Vore, sorry!

Just checked this out and wow, even though it is just a short demo I really enjoyed what there was and enjoyed collecting the extra hidden items to unlock the gallery images. Arma is really hot and I love the jigglyness in all her animations, even just her standing idle animation is hot! Gerbera looks nice too. Is there any plans for destructable clothing as she takes damage? it'd fit well with the game style imo.

100% interested in this and I hope there's an update coming soon? I'm always onboard with adding another project to support on patreon as long as updates come out and the project isn't abandoned


Hello and thank you for your comment!

We're very happy that you enjoyed the game!

We have no plans for that feature as we'd have to redraw all of her animations. We often post updates on patreon and we'll be releasing a new demo pretty soon.

Looking forward to it! great stuff so far

Thank you!! :))

oh, imagine adding unique items from bosses like Frog's tongue which could be used as a whip. Sadly, this more likely not gonna be implemented in game

It's a neat concept, but yeah, it'd be hard for us to implement it since it was not in the plans from the beginning

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