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Back again with a new idea, this time regarding that buff wolf we see in the artwork of the gallery. If a story about him has already been made then you can just ignore this idea.

The idea for this wolf character to become Arma's rival during the quest by being jealous of her. He would be motivated to prove to the king and the kingdom that Arma's is nothing more than a sl*t by slaying the dragon before her, to show Arma as a fake to everyone. He could appear several times to sabotage Arma on her journey, like collapsing a tunnel that would've allowed her to skip a stage, separating her from Gerbera, or even stepping in to fight Arma himself. As a rival boss, he would operate as a stage-wide boss fight with three battle areas to encounter him at, and be very difficult each time. Each time you take his health down a certain percentage he would retreat to the next area, allowing for Arma to recover between battles. He would also include two victory animations and two defeat animations when you win or lose to make him a unique encounter as he would be the only enemy who can do that. While fighting, this wolf character could taunt both Arma and the player by saying things like, "You have no skill, only sexual bribes." or "The only reason you're here is because people want to see your tits bounce, pathetic!"

Just a little idea to help with the story building, but like I said if you already have a plan for this character than you can just ignore this.

There's a bug where if you use the special healing ability and there's a downed enemy on top you and press up/down to interact with them, it cancels the special and fucks that downed enemy. The healing from the special is also cancelled and you get the heal from the enemy instead.

Very easy to replicate!

Hello, thank you so much for reporting this bug!
We'll work on it!

How to get the gaia stone 8 and 9 pls 

Hello! There's a merchant next to checkpoint 4 that can sell you the stones location!

You can also watch this video

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You got a lot more added in a short time than I thought you would, nice!


Bug report and idea time.

First, the bug. When fighting the boss I had something strange happen. I was one hit away from death and was in the middle of some aerial attacks when I got hit. Suddenly and very quickly, Arma just zipped into the wall and stood still. My health was gone but I was not dead for some reason. I couldn't move and the boss kept attacking the now immortal Arma. Had to restart the level to fix it.

Now the idea: Love the merchant but felt a little off that he was just standing there in the middle of nowhere with a stage infested by monsters. So I figured an introductory sequence would be decent. Simply put, you would find the merchant being harassed by the monsters and Arma would slay them. The merchant would then express his gratitude for the rescue by offering his wares at a discount (no actual discount needed).


Hello! It's so nice that you enjoyed the demo.

As for this bug, we've never seen it before, we'll try to replicate and fix it.

For the suggestion: yes, Crys feels very off just standing there, the truth is we'll still be tweaking stage 1 and making changes where necessary. We'll try to make him work, we just don't know how yet. But the suggestion is not a bad idea.

Crys could be a traveling merchant. In alignment with the suggestion of him being harassed by monsters, maybe add a broken down wagon in the background with several defeated guards on the ground. This would show that he and his guards were ambushed and overwhelmed, leaving Crys as the last survivor when Arma shows up for the rescue.

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Oh, will there be a threesomes? :>

Hello! Thanks for the comment.
We don't think it'll be possible... unless you count Gerbera participating

I can't find the download link. This game looked interesting and I wanted to try it.

They've stopped the demo release. If you want to try the game out, then you need to get it through patreon.

After playing the 0.3.1 build, I got a few ideas for future content.

First idea would be a custom arena that players can control the spawns for via switches to spawn a certain number of enemies for custom battles.

Second idea would be a new way to integrate the gallery into the main game. Basically you would enter Arma's home and descend into the basement where Gerbera has here private s*x dungeon to have access to all the enemies Arma has defeated.

Third idea would be a Game Over graphic. In it, Arma would simply be in a full body cast with Gerbera toying with her.

That's all I can think of right now. This game has plenty of potential and I think it will do great.

Hello, thanks for the comment!
We'll probably not do a Game Over screen because the game has no game over, but the idea of the galery is pretty good!
Thanks for the suggestion

No Game Over screen yet, but maybe in the future when the game expands, which has given me another idea, a big one with multiple features and mechanics.

A Village/CastleTown hub. Likely wouldn't be made anytime soon but something to consider for the future. This hub will serve as the main base for Arma and Gerbera to aid in their quest. It would include a Shop, an Academy, a Pub, and Arma's home.

The shop will include items to improve gameplay experience such as: (When inventory is implemented)

  • Health potions
  • Non-cosmetic weapons and armor to upgrade attack and defense
  • Gaia Stone map - reveals the location of at least one Gaia stone in the level
  • Purple Gem - allows you to start off a level with a full purple bar
  • Flash Bomb - instantly stun all nearby enemies for a brief moment, useful against future higher tiered enemies like a black armored lizard archer (same as the green one but tougher) that can't be staggered normally.
  • Net - for Gerbera's s*x dungeon/gallery, defeating an enemy would no longer be enough to unlock them in the gallery, you would have to use the net on a downed enemy to capture them then find them in Gerbera's dungeon
  • And more...

The Academy would serve as a place to unlock skills like the current Dash and Parry, new skills like aerial parry, aerial attacks, block, and more.

The Pub would be the place fore more world building and other useful things like tips and tricks, and even hints on where to find some of the more well hidden Gaia stones.

And then lastly would be Arma's home, which includes Gerbera's s*x dungeon in the basement. Some of the other arts can be purchased from the shop to hang up as paintings in Arma's house, as well as additional world building.

I can think of a few more things, like tiered enemies, and hostile flora that target Gerbera to drain magic, like a venus flytrap kind of thing, but I've rambled enough already. Like I said, this game has a lot of potential.

Hello! Thanks for the suggestions!
It's very nice seeing someone so interested in the game, thank you so much!

About the ideas. Some of them are already in motion and being implemented, we frequently update our social medias with information about the progress of the game.

So you can expect to see a merchant pretty soon!

Btw, is there a button that you can hold down to make the animations last longer or something? Gallery is nice but I'd like audio with it.

Hello again! We'll be working on that!

Will this available on Steam? (with or without early access) thanks.

Thanks for the comment!

It will as early access.

Thanks again, would love to see this game finished.


Can't you download it for free now?


You can only download it supporting the game on Patreon or Subscribestar

Game looking great so far, and I have some suggestions/feedback.

When engaging with a downed enemy, I could only do it once as versus the first demo. When I die I can engage the enemies again in the first demo but cant in the second. I have to restart the level if I want to get the purple bar back up.

The sex animations are too short, so short that the action button to force progress the scene is hardly needed. Perhaps a longer animation for the force progression to be more useful, or infinite loop and the action button can let you skip the scene.

Audio options, like enabling or disabling voices. And gallery audio would be nice.

Defeat animations, as mentioned by another person's feedback. I know it could be a bit much to do that, so instead save it for Arma's rival battle (that wolf in the art fighting Arma I'm assuming is her rival), two victory animations and two defeat animations so it could be a unique encounter.

Coins, in the future they could not only be used to purchase armor and weapons for Arma, but maybe dye her colors too for player customization, though this would be in the far future of development.

Hope this is helpful and good luck on future developments.


where is the download button?


It seems as though they've done the ol' Itch-switcheroo. Make the game free for a while to gauge interest, then make it paid-only for everyone but the people who installed previously.


Hey, thanks for the comment!
We currently can't afford to release the demo for free since we are a small team that needs funds. Without it there is no game.

Deleted 126 days ago

Hello! Are you playing the new demo?

What enemies have you found?

Deleted 126 days ago

Ratto is found in a hidden path. find him, and finish him!

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Hi! Yeah, the enemy is hidden.
You can watch walkthrough videos on our vimeo to find him, it's Gaia Stone #2:


Hey there. just played your new demo and here is some feedback. your game is still going to be great, but please bring back the old moaning sounds, and the sounds of the nsfw action. Especially the new moaning sounded a bit "absent".
Best wishes

Hello, thank you so much for your feedback!

We'll be working on the sounds to improve them. Most of them are temporary

Great to hear! Looking forward to all that will come.

I need help. when I attack the enemies it doesn't do anything to them. So I'm stuck, is this a bug?

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Yeah same here, can't attack them at all.
Stuck in first area with the green flying bugs and can't damage them.

Hello, the flying Green Scarabs aren't enemies you can damage. You use them to jump to higher places

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Thank you. The game is awesome btw ^^

Thank you! We are working hard on it to make it even better!

kk ty ty

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Hmmm... man i really loving the great work you guys are putting on this game ^-^ 

I only have one suggestion... Maybe add an option we can check in settings to allow enemies to do the deed if we get stunned or defeated. It would add a great deal of optional difficulty for us more hardcore platformers, a new mechanic and make te game a bit more real to what those horny creatures would want hehehe~

Could call that "Horny enemies" and describe it as a surprise sex mechanic!!

PS: will there be vore?! The frog really is making me super excited X3

Hellooo, thank you so much for the suggestion!

We can't promise adding it, but we'll definitely talk about it on the next meeting!

As of now there are no plans for Vore, sorry!

Just checked this out and wow, even though it is just a short demo I really enjoyed what there was and enjoyed collecting the extra hidden items to unlock the gallery images. Arma is really hot and I love the jigglyness in all her animations, even just her standing idle animation is hot! Gerbera looks nice too. Is there any plans for destructable clothing as she takes damage? it'd fit well with the game style imo.

100% interested in this and I hope there's an update coming soon? I'm always onboard with adding another project to support on patreon as long as updates come out and the project isn't abandoned


Hello and thank you for your comment!

We're very happy that you enjoyed the game!

We have no plans for that feature as we'd have to redraw all of her animations. We often post updates on patreon and we'll be releasing a new demo pretty soon.

Looking forward to it! great stuff so far

Thank you!! :))

oh, imagine adding unique items from bosses like Frog's tongue which could be used as a whip. Sadly, this more likely not gonna be implemented in game

It's a neat concept, but yeah, it'd be hard for us to implement it since it was not in the plans from the beginning

Do I have to get 4 green gemstones to go to the next level? If yes, can you tell me the exact location of the four gemstones? It took me a week to find three............

Hello! No, this demo only contains one level.

We are preparing a new demo! We'll have news pretty soon!

they're somewhere on the location: try to search behind the trees, underwater, look for cave's signal or climp up really high!

is there any chance of launching for linux?

Yes! We'll do our best to do it

This game looks awesome! but in my notebook the game its just lag;-; 

my question is: have any chance to this game came to mobile, i would love to play on my cellphone

thanks for read until the end:)

Thanks for the comment!

Unfortunately we have no plans for a mobile version at the moment.


yoo, new log is here, let's goooo

someone to help me i open the game and nothing happens

Have you tried running the file as admnistrator?

yeah i do, nothing happens :(

It's possible that Windows might be blocking the read/write file.

I have Windows 8.1


Would you mind sending your pc's specs?


I wonder if there will be more anal scenes, though the normal stuff is hot too hehe 

Fun to play, the spamming tactic works really well. I rate this game 7 coins out of 4 shooting lizards

Now that's a nice score!
Thank you so much for playing the game


Is it me... or that NPC to the far right lookin' like Kincaid?



Were is updated! >:


It's coming soooooon

we still coming wait :з

Sooooooon, so soon it hurts

I will not leave you alone and I will wait)))))))))

We can live with that


"More information" says it was updated 1 day ago.
Is that true? O.o<(...)
downloadable version still seems to be the 0.2.4

is the demo the same as the current patreon Build? 0.2.4?

other than that. pretty good. smooth gameplay and lovely sprites. all thats missing that other 2d lewd platfromers have are game over screens for each enemy if they grab you when you lose. or even them just knocking you without killing (stunning) and doing their own animation on you. Is something like that ever planned?

Yes, it's the same. (for now)

Game over or stun screens aren't planned for now!

This game... just got me so wet playing. And it's just a demo. You gotta hang in there please!

I love it and I'm very excited to see more from you! 

Thank you sooo much for the comment.

It's great that you feel that way, means it's pretty good huh
We keep working on it daily, we'll hear more from us soon :)).

It's f@cking good, oh my...!

That's very delightful, can't wait...  
ଲ(₌♥ᆽ♥₌)ଲ meow!

I don't expect you to take these ideas into the game, but I wanted to share my thoughts with you ;-*

I was thinking about some k.o. punishment animations.
Like Arma is getting enclosed by the green slime monsters, only her head sticking out, getting her body sucked in joyful surrender.
Or the well-built Lizard is sliding his blue dick gently up my tight ass... oops, ehm I mean her ass (@_@')
As a deserved punishment, you know...?
(like her ass facing the sreen, her upper body lies bent over on the two perfect pillow tits, giving a full view of the action)
And the horse man, phew... he grabs her and uses her as a pocket pussy for the first half of his huge dick,
It wouldn't fit in completly anyway (X__x)

Whew, straight in the mood for your game again
See you there <3

Admittedly I was caught off-guard when you said "wet," I sorta assumed 99% of the people on Itch's NSFW side were gonna be guys lmao.

I agree, this game is one of the more arousing ones I've played, I can't wait for the next update! I especially like Gerbera, shame there aren't any scenes with her yet...

When I see your next update, so that I can be sure you're still working at it, you'll get my money!

Hello and thx for the comment!

We are always working on it, we constantly update our twitter and patreon pages.

It may be a good idea to check our twitter to see the updates.

You're simply the best!
I'll follow you on twitter!

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This is really good! Simply amazing! I hope you'll get a lot of donations for that. So smooth and smoking hot. 

What will be the purpose of the violet bar?

A little feedback:

Your "fight well and get rewarded" gameplay system is THE BEST in terms of sex games I've ever experienced!
This is gonna be huge! I love it, and people will do.

(Just an idea ^_^  having to decide for a purpose like "health" or "mana" to press up or down to finish an enemy, would give an arousing feeling of gameplay depth.
The question "Shall I dominate, or get dominated" will be for a reason <3
But that's not absolutely necessary. I'll buy your game anyway and people will do!)

Add one or two really teasing Screenshots in the description! I almost accidentaly came here, and I am so happy I did. But I reposted this link at several places, where people might be interested. So incoming viewers.

(One last idea: Don't make her nipples larger than they appear in the bra ;-)
A little smaller nippels and she looks almost perfect <3
But she is lready gorgeous yet!)

Looking forward to everything that will come along!
I hope you keep up the good work!

Hiii and thanks for the comment!

We're really glad you enjoyed this demo. Hopefully you'll enjoy the next one even more.
The purple bar was used to prevent you from healing frequently so it would add a bit of a challenge. But we are changing that for a bonus.

항상 감사합니다

This is astonishingly good, and I am looking forward to further content and progress with it! The game feels super smooth, animations are fluid, and the style is a weird, but fun mix of Sonic and a hack-and-slash. 

Hello and thanks for the comment!
It makes us very happy that people are enjoying our games.

We hope to please everybody with the new demo that'll come soon.


Excuse me, I paid to download this game twice, and it keeps telling me there was a problem with my payment... And yet PayPal shows that I did get charged. Please help.

Thought this game was free? I get if you donate but if you're trying to pay for the base game... it's free.

Deleted 319 days ago

It'll be out pretty soon

i hope so the first level is really fun and the art is good too

(1 edit)

I missed this game by my eyes purely because of the screenshots! :D You can add, for example, a fight with a lizard instead of a screen with a horse. however, this horse looks too similar to one fetish with huge dimensions, you know what. 

Bugs: we all love to fall through the floor XD Endless animations ... yes, you can skip them with a button, but given the game's specification ... it's not very cool 

Animations: Please, more animations for each opponent !!! I would also like to ask a question why the animation "Your domination" looks like the animation "Enemy domination". and after this domination, opponents disappear. Also, the attentions seem to be somewhat monotonous .. they go in a straight line up to the "End of pleasure". a good example of animations is the game "Predation", where each animation is sort of divided into several stages. 

oh yes, I'm a damn C # programmer (привет всем программистам), I know it's not very difficult to do. (not from animator :з)

Good luck with your work! I will be glad to support your project

Thanks for the comment. We're working on it so it can be an amazing game. Thanks for your support :))

(2 edits) (+6)

JUST finished the demo and came straight here to offer some feedback because I really like what you seem to be going for.
this is going to be a long one though. sorry in advance for the text wall, I have a lot to say for this unique treat of a game.

before I played it, I had actually passed by this game several times and even remember when I did, as the thumbnail and preview seemed... lackluster? 
cute face, but it doesn't really stand out amongst the titles as your scrolling as a lot of them have that super zoomed in perspective where you cant really see anything of what's going on. that, and the second preview image (the first only being the menu screen) it shows this... oversized horse thing, so my first thought was "oh, this is one of those adult platformers where they just do a cutscene when you die." because no way was a horse that size getting inside our little armadillo hero. 
still, I was running out of new games so i was like, eh, ill go hit some things then at least. my hopes were low. 

now that I've actually PLAYED the game my opinion has shifted drastically. 
not only is the combat system way more in depth than the standard rapid slashing spam one button type thing other erotic platformers do, I see that the 'erotic' side of the game is actually rewarding you for playing well, rather than the seemingly omnipresent 'you get rewarded for loosing' thing other erotic platformers do. 

I had a lot of fun.

that being said, I have a few suggestions.

first, bugs: 

3/4 of my runs I tried to do ended because the game broke and I got locked in animations (or in one case, apparently deleted from the world???)

all three occasions happened near a downed enemy while i was fighting something else. something went wrong where, the first time, I got stuck in the first phase of the lizardman's 'up' H-scene, and couldn't leave. second, I think I hit either up or down trying to combo on a lizardman, when suddenly me and a slime that was downed on the ground just, up and disappeared from the world along with myself. third occasion was similar to the first, but with a slime instead. the fourth run I was extremely careful to fight enemies away from downed targets, and I managed to finish, but I found my enjoyment of the combat greatly diminished because I was having to be so tedious about not breaking the game, instead of just cutting loose. otherwise, everything was running decently.

second, suggested future changes:

sound quality - while the first few repetitions of the sound in the H-scenes were... okay? it got irritating hearing the same sound repeatedly though for four runs worth of gameplay though. I'm not saying go get a voice actor and sound artist to make every scene by hand from start to finish with no loops but, maybe mix a few audio files on a random selector, at least to mitigate it a bit? like, squelch1-3, moan 1-3, or something of the like. or even better, have get a small array of squishing sounds and moans, and have the more casual sounding files play first, all the way to the more intense as the H-scene is about to climax. 

sound option in gallery, or animation control - another thing I find was making it difficult to enjoy the erotic side of this, was that the in game animations are short. perhaps its to preserve the flow of gameplay? but having to go swallow some dick with your hips every time you need a heal already stops the whole process. my suggestion here is a control GUI. you can toggle on and off auto-progression in the pause menu, and if you toggle it off, you can take your time in each phase of the H-scene, for reasons obvious >#3#>. 

now, if this is too much (which I will admit I'm not you, I'm not developing games, I only know what I see is possible from other titles I've played) perhaps at least adding sound to the gallery? then it would really help make it a place you go when your actually trying to get OFF instead of just erotic arousing gameplay. 

'defeated' H-scene. - yes, i know i praised you for the rewarding mechanic of you get sex scenes when you knock enemies down instead of the other way around, but... there's a reason so many artists go for the 'knocked down' animation scene. some of us do get off on the whole 'we lost, now our opponent gets to claim their prize' kind of thing.
for instance, if the slime gets you, it sloshes on top of the character, nails them from on top? the lizard takes Arma doggy style? the Mino-horse Kind of squishes Arma under their dick and grinds it out between her tits? it would really add to the depth of the game. and you still respawn at the end of the domination scene there as you were defeated.

'floaty' movements - sometimes, it feels... disconnecting, the way Arma moves and slides. almost feels like the whole thing is being played in slow motion. perhaps experiment with a few test builds with slightly different math's to the movement vectors (again I'm not a developer idk what actually goes into this)




and that's about everything I have to say. I want to say again, I REALLY like what you got. its unique, and shows a lot of promise. if college wasn't murdering my wallet, I would donate right now to see where this thing goes. once I do get some money, if I see you still active, ill send some support your way. thanks for that little gaming experience. it was a real treat.


Hello! I'm really really sorry for the late reply!

We are very happy that you enjoyed the demo!

A lot of the things you pointed out are already being worked on, others will take a little while to implement. 
We went through the trouble of reprogramming it from scratch to make sure we have a more efficient code and to make the game run better. We are taking the time to improve the gameplay and make it more fluid.
The stage art is being redone and we believe we'll have a demo pretty soon.

About the defeat scenes. It's something we've been thinking about for the longest time now because there is a demand for it. But due to the nature of such scenes it might get us in trouble and jeopardize the development of the game. So it's something that it'll take longer to decide on. 

Once again I must say that we are very happy with your comment.
It's great to know that we're causing a good impression and that you had fun with it. Hopefully it won't take long for everyone to play the new demo.


When is the new public build coming out? I also hope that the deflect mechanic is better in the new build.

Thanks for the comment!

We are working on the new build daily, but unfortunately we don't have a set date to release it. We hope to do it asap.

Good luck!

Thank you!

Quick question: are you thinking of porting the game to different OS's or platforms like New Grounds? As of right now, I don't currently have a Windows OS. Sorry if you already answered this question before.


Hello, thanks for your comment!
Yes, we'll be working to release it on other OS's to make sure more people can play.

Ok, thank you for answering my question!


No problem! :

does the game have any gay scenes

Hello, thanks for the comment!

Not yet! There's an illustration in the gallery and we plan to add more in the future.

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