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how does the lust mechanic work?


Hello! You fill it by interacting with fallen enemies, whenever it's full if you try to do it you lose health

Is there anything else planned for it?


Well, we're still working on the game and changing stuff. I can't promise but maybe we'll be able to implement new things related to it

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I seriously can't even get past the intro with the bugs. 

EDIT: Managed to get past it. You need to press the jump and attack button on top of them. 

EDIT 2: You just need to press the jump button on top of them.

I think there needs to at least be an in game tutorial showing how to this, as it's not obvious the first time.
Also, so far it's great! The audio is a bit weird with how quiet some voices are, the music could use some work but it's a good demo. Apart from the flying bug platforms, those need a small tutorial on how they work.


Hello and thank you for the feedback! We are working to make the gameplay experience better. 

We hope to have a new demo out soon!


IDK. You accept this or not. It's your choose. I think need 32 bit version too, cuz someone can't have or don't have 64bit version. I silent about money and programs that can add into Windows 64bit version. It's can be virus or something bad.

Thanks for the feedback! We'll provide a 32 bit version for the next update!

Thx very much.

So good, new version please

Thank you! We are working on the new version, it'll be released soon!

how can i unlock the 3 picture?? wheres the orb? :(

Hello and sorry for the late reply!

We'll record a video showing you how to find them

still not open D,:

I'm sorry, I don't understand what you mean by that.

Have a new version to run using low specs?

Not yet! We are currently working on a new version!

great n.n

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Looking forward to feature updates, this game surely has a potential

Thank you! We hope to release an update pretty soon!

This is such a cute and sexy furry game!

Thank you very much for the review!

We had a lot of fun watching it. It's also good to know you enjoyed it.

Is there a way to switch controls

Hello! Sorry for the late reply!

You'll be able to switch controls in the next update.

wheres the 4 cristals? ^^

I can't seem to get the second to last picture in the gallery (the one between the blowjob and the pussy licks.

Do you have a discord server? for updates and stuf.

for now the public server of our team was terminated, and we only have the supporter server.
we plan to re-open the public server eventually.

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So that last gem collectable thing is eluding me. I swear I found 3/4 but this last one for the first unlockable art picture in the gallery is eluding me. This is the one 4 to the right. Is this a bug or is it obtainable. 

it's obtainable, just tricky to get.
look out for sources of smoke in the caves ^^.

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Is it a ways in the level, do I have to bounce across those platforms or is it in in a secret wall. Cause I found several of those crystal things in the walls and this one is eluding me. A general clue will be good... unless I find it before you next respond. Do you really have to kill every enemy without dying to get that? I have a feeling I have them all 

I found it. For such a simple thing in most video games, I forgot I had that move. Simple in theory, but ironically hard to think of. Ironically, I pulled off this move many times before this, but finding smoke? Yeah, how do? I feel really really silly!

there's some right after the first horse enemy (baki) encounter heh

ok, first I personally love it, I was expecting a "" "" "game" "" "" where the concept is just an excuse to put sex appeal in the character design.But boy, I am an artist and I really want to support at least with a drawing, since I do not have money, I also want to put a grain of sand,first the fast step and the parry, I did not see them at all useful in the trip,but I know they want to give quality content, I think it would not bother the opinion of a fan,first the parry, I see that they used the character design very well to give the game more speed so I thought why? of using the left and right arrows as parry because they don't use the down arrow (since she covers herself to become a ball and since she is an armadillo, I see it more logical) 

I think it should take a second or two for when an enemy hits her sword The arrow bounces, My Another option is to remove the fast step and the button of this to leave it as parry (making an animation of her raising her hand as she does now) 
Those would be my proposals with the parry, then with the fast step if they remove it or leave it I think that the distance of this should increase a little more or use it to make a blow at a specific time to lift the enemy.

oh thanks for the feedback ^w^

if you do fanart make sure to let us know about it, we love to see it!

also kinda of a funny thing but you can actually parry in ball form too, it's usually easier in tight spaces, but on land you can use diagonal inputs to make it happen. the choice was mostly so it couldn't be spammed and also sorta of a homage to 3rd strike.
the small dashes are meant for spacing like a fighting game and you can cancel your combos into it, allowing you to keep pressure in enemies that have bad melee options. it also offers some boosts when moving around hehe.

do you have a twitter or something?
that's our team's twitter !

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so uh yea this is, good -_- almost to good, the animations make me go o boi this clean, giving me dat castle crasher, mario, super smash bros, ddk oof vibe... all im saying keep up the work lads, cant wait for the full release and will it be free upon release or do i have to open up my wallet and preform the act of paying some quality game that, will be adding new enemies that will be going BRRRRT and making me yeetus my glimmering shiny taco bell bathroom of a PC, FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON GOOD LUCK READING THIS WITH OUT CRINGING, but uhm yeah i luv da game so far besides the +random +frame drop it's pretty OwO in my book because to me a game with good gameplay is golden, smack the cartoony vibes that give me ptsd from castle crashers and battle block theatre thn its beyond golden chief its goding OwO lol om cringe... if you passed the 3 dots then im just wasting time, idk how to stop typing. No i- I CANT #calls in a A-10# PARISH YOU QWERTY PARASITE #BRRRRRRT INTENSIFIES#

hehe don't worry we will try our best when it comes to keeping up our quality of work.
when it comes to distribution, i figure it's a bit too early in development to be delving too deep into it, for now we will just be focusing on making it as good as possible.

no open game in win7 professional with gles 2

is it a 32-bit system? we don't have a 32 bit version yet.
if it's 64 bit then is there more details you can provide? does it crash without any warning or doesn't even open?

Deleted 2 years ago

it does not open directly, if your game is 64-bit it has to show me that it is not competitive with my system, I have downloaded other games (with godot engine) and they open (very slowly), you can recompile in your settings or add to your game with graphics settings for poor laptops? (activating all VRAMs with "fallbacks" so that it detects which one is better for performance)

we will take a look into it.

ok thx n.n, i make games too with configurations very low on pc´s potatoes but with some stuffs, i want make runs in winXP minimun like as ps1 range

Hi, i'm playing on keyboard and I can't get passed the first plank. I'm pressing down and A but nothing happens, it does not break.

dude "space"jump" + down" basics controls of any Mario

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Thanks I didn't know I had to hold down both buttons.

good game so far!

one odd thing i noticed is that even when i was playing with the sound off, the sound that plays when you pick up coins still went off.

oh, we will look into fixing that.

Alright, now that I figured out my platforming problem and finally finished the demo, I will give my thoughts.

I'm a fan of the art design, and I think it's cool the main character is an armadillo. Not a typical protag choice.

I get Dust: An Elysian Tail vibes from the gameplay and platforming. Which is good because I personally love that game. If only I could frack people for health in it too.

I experienced some frame drops, but that could just be due to my particular set up being donkey balls.

Now the enemies: Slimes were simple, they basically became my potions if I was hurting. The Lizard archers were my scariest enemy because of their range, mobility, and my dumb frame drops. I was scared of them more than the giant horse dude and he could hit like a truck.

All in all, I'm looking forward to what comes next. Pun not intended.


Really liking the overall look and feel of the game.

My only complaint is that the window for parrying seems to be too narrow, which is unfortunate because it would be a useful option against projectiles, but the punishment for missing a parry is too great to risk it.

parry is supposed to be a high risk high reward mechanic, we will keep tuning it as we develop the enemies for the game, thanks for the feedback!


this game really is something i like the game mechanics and gameplay platformer mixed with adventure is a good kind of game in my opinion (even more whe nit's mixed to nsfw) I wish I could support it more than I actually do

I was trying to play your game but I can't seem to attack the enemies in the first level

what input method are you using to play it?

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I'm having the same issue. When you say input method what do you mean?

Edit: I'm using a keyboard

hummm i'm not sure what could be causing the issue, i'm the just the game's animator. but i'll make sure to notify the programmer about it.
in the meantime, what are the language settings of your keyboard? i have some personnal experience with accidentally changing the input language to japanese and the keys being jambled up all over the place.

I'm pretty sure it's still English for me. My problem is I swing and my sword just doesn't interact with the enemies. Barrels just fine, but it just phases through bad guys.

are you talking about the enemy that's stuck on a wall and can't be attacked? if so that was to show how their attacks work, and wasn't meant to be interactable. if it's all enemies, please send your specs.

keyboard or gamepad?

oh those aren't enemies, the lizard dialogue needs to be fixed.
i will redesign them as well so they look less like an enemy, those are platforms you can jump step on.

Ooooooooooooooh. Holy hell I can actually play the game now.

I'm very bad with technology but the game isn't even opening. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that has done nothing. Under that small tab that says "nerd stuff" is a bunch of red code lines and I have no idea what it means. I just wanna play the dang game

we are looking into it, another person also had the same problem. please check if running it as admin can make it run, if that doesn't work check if it's an antivirus blocking the game from writing data on your computer, if it's not any of those, please give us the specs.

would be great if the little imp got some action


animations for her are planned to be made, but we need to decide how to implement it in a diegetic manner first.


I tend to avoid games which heavily feature furries because it’s not my thing, but this game taught me that I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover (or should I say “judge a porn game by its main fetish”?).

I really liked how the Arma is closer to an anti-hero instead of the typical Ideal Hero you find in this kind of stories. She’s a rather irresponsible knight who is nowhere to be found when people are in peril. She got tasked with slaying the dragon just because she’s way better than everyone else and her sword is made with a special material that can pierce the dragon’s scales.

The game mechanics are solid and the controls are very responsive, though getting the timing right to parry enemy attacks is quite hard (to the point I preferred to just dodge your opponent’s attacks as if I were playing Dark Souls).

Both the difficulty and the length are just right. The game is neither too hard to make it a frustrating experience nor too easy to make it boring and the level has enough hidden stuff to keep you entertained while at the same time it lets you rush through it and finish it quickly if you just don’t care about picking everything.

The soundtrack fits the game to a T and gives it a medieval feel to it. The sound effects are good too, I especially liked how there's a reverb when you’re inside the caves. That’s a detail you rarely see in other platformers.

I liked the way the characters, enemies and levels are drawn and found the animation during the sex scenes to be really smooth. You certainly did a great job there.

At the moment there’s only one level but the game is certainly promising. I can’t wait to play the full version once it’s out.


This has really good potential. Platforming is reminiscent of Sonic and feels nice. Animations are very good.

The things I feel would benefit the game would be having some mechanics better explained/hinted, like the enemy bouncing, and having enemy grabs.

With that being said, I will follow the development of this game with great interest. :-)

we are working on it, and we already figured out how to solve most of the explanation issues, keep tuned!

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This has a lot of promise. The art and animation are really great and the gameplay is pretty good. There's something weird about the way the camera scrolls, though. I can't figure out what's bad about it, but it's giving me a headache. I think it's juddering back and forth. Is it just me? Also, I hope you don't mind me saying, but the writing needs some serious editing and proofreading. It's currently very rambling and ungrammatical. Those two issues aside, this looks like it could become a great game. I'll follow your progress and wish you good luck!

I'm honestly half convinced the first secret doesn't actually exist.


oh it does. It’s definitely quite hard to find tho.


Keep your eyes to the ground and keep a lookout for anything out of the ordinary. It is very subtle.

I give up help



It’s after the first checkpoint and before the second. There’s something coming off the ground that isn’t your usual rocks, grass, or mushrooms.


Great game so far!

just wondering what kinks are in this game?


furry goes first for sure

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I like the added background visuals and improved jump mechanics in the update. Not sure if intentional but some crates and boxes don't drop coins when broken and the love meter resets when you reach a checkpoint. Also came across a visual background bug with the succubus.


love meter did that in the last version, pretty sure it's an intended thing

Found 3/4 crystals... but the last one (first in the gallery) still eludes me after like five runs O_O


me too

The platforming is a bit unresponsive, and annoying to do at the start, but it's easy-ish when you play for a bit.

The combat is fine, the artstyle's good, and the animations are smooth. Overall, pretty good, has potential. I'd say add in an optional tutorial and make wall jumping easier, but nice work! will be keeping tabs on this game

Hey, I'm kinda stuck. In the first level, the wooden plank. IDK how to break it! Please help.

on an xbox control, down (hold) + A

Thanks man. I was, like, rlly stuck. Appreciate it.

So does the gallery just not work at all or is it just me? coins are always NULL, the animations are staying blacked out despite me getting them multiple times in stage, and clearing the stage without dying.

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hmm,  type in windows %appdata%, go to roaming, godot, app_userdata, Arma's Quest, saves, and try to delete the files, but makes a beckup before that

Run as Admin can be help to, maybe your system is blocking the save data


please tell us if it worked

Clearing saves solved it, thank you

Will there be lewd things added to the game?


they alread exist, in game and in gallery too :D

so... as in nudes and stuff?

nvm 0.0

Show post...

SO GOOD .. hope version arcade . this good prototype

Thanks for the support!!

This demo's pretty great. Animation style is really smooth and pretty; platforming's pretty slick too. Will definitely be watching this one.

Thanks for the feedback.

Has promise but the platforming is abysmal, it felt unresponsive and frustrating.


thanks for the feedback, could you give us more information?


Okay for me there needs to be at least 2 distinct jumping sounds: one for jumping and one for jumping on enemies/items/walls. That should help with feedback to the player. The second problem with jumping I have is that jumping on enemies seems to only work 50% of the time like there needs to be a specific position for you to jump on enemies/items/whatever. 

In general I think sound design is the weakest point so far by far. The music doesn't have substantial punch the sound effects are muffled or nonexistent and there needs to be way more of them. Maybe some sexy voice clips for Arma especially. The dodge roll definitely needs a unique sound.

Other things: the opening is long-winded and redundant. Why not put all the lore fluff and character descriptions in it's own thing in the pause menu like a codex and then just tell the story?

Otherwise the gameplay feels promising and the graphics are certainly enticing for a project like this.


thanks for the support, the jumpstep was really broken, we will update soon.

I on the other hand found intro really okay. Especially since you can fast forward through it. It was nice. But I agree that jumping on those flying things is really frustrating as well as jumping on walls. It’s really easy to fall off the wall (maybe add some delay so that player doesn’t fall off instantly after pressing opposite direction key) and it’s really easy to have bad timing when jumping on those flying things. I think either hitbox should be more forgiving or at least there should be some visual indication that it’s right moment to press space.

Visual aspect of game is really good especially considering that game is quite fresh and not like 2 years in development and I think visual fidelity, variety of animations (like idle animation, loosing balance on platform edges and other small lanims) and neat player navigation (rolling and stuff) are 3 outstanding aspects of game

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